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13th July 2024 


"Rarely have I seen a piece of Supervision
as inspiring as that. It sends shivers up
and down my spine."
Jill Hunt ( Cascade Supervision Training )

I offer clinical supervision to practising counsellors and psychotherapists from all kinds of theoretical orientations.

Having been in private practice for over 30 years, alongside extensive and varied further training (having most recently trained in supervision at Re-Vision), I understand the everyday issues and struggles of this 'impossible profession' and can support you as a practitioner in developing, enhancing and deepening your practice.

With a background in drugs counselling and mental health, I have over the years gained experience of both group work and supervision as well as having been involved in some teaching at the Chiron Centre in Ealing, West London.

My style of supervision - being both supporting and challenging - facilitates your further development as a psychotherapist or counsellor, enabling you to find a way of working that both builds on your existing training and your particular style as well as giving you additional perspectives and other dimensions to integrate into your practice.

The more we attend to the therapeutic relationship in terms of unconscious processes, the more important it becomes that supervision can provide a space of containment as well as reflection and professional development.

As in my own practice I see a significant number of counselling and therapy trainees engaged in different psychotherapy and counselling trainings, I have a broad and varied insight into the kind of experiences which students and developing practitioners go through in their training and practice.

Weaving together the contemporary humanistic approaches with traditional strands of psychoanalytical understanding as well as object relations perspectives, I have developed an integrative framework for supervision, that also includes the body and the transpersonal (i.e. attending to the psyche as the root of word 'psychology' suggests).

My struggle to bring together these disparate approaches and to contain and work with the inherent conflicts between them, enables me to provide a style of supervision that appreciates the different models and approaches that supervisees have trained and work within. At the same time, the integrative dimension allows me to provide outside reference points as well as alternative theories and techniques to expand supervisee's habitual modalities alongside supporting, encouraging and deepening their own way of working.

Both as a therapist and supervisor, I thus bring an integrative perspective to my work, which values the strengths of the various approaches without overlooking their shadow aspects and disadvantages.

Specifically, if that is something you are interested in as a supervisee, I offer supervision which not only attends to transference, countertransference and parallel process, but does so in a way which includes attention to the bodymind aspects of these processes.

Needless to say, I am committed to my own further development, an ethical and professional framework and to raising the quality of therapeutic practice and understanding.

"My observations of Badger as a supervisor,
is that he creates a safe space for supervisees
to explore issues by offering support
and challenge appropriately.
His style is both elegant, authentic and sensitive
which gives his supervisees permission to take risks.
Badger gives 100% attention and is imaginative
in his responses enabling his supervisees to discover
new insights into their work."
Melanie Lockett (Cascade Supervision Training)